CBD Helping Pets + Cannabis Helping Communities. This Week’s Guest is an Expert in Cannabis and Dogs

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November 3, 2016
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November 3, 2016
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cbd for dogs

Everyone is talking about it…giving cannabis to our pets. Not to get them high, of course, but rather for medicinal purposes. It’s helping many animals live more comfortably already.

expert in dogs and cannabis

Although veterinarians cannot yet prescribe cbd as a medication, more and more are beginning to support using cbd for our pets – especially when they have serious conditions, like cancer. If you’re thinking about giving cbd to your dog, email us with your questions or to share your experience at: info@cannapodweekly.com

But the CBD itself isn’t the only thing that’s helping dog in this grand state of Colorado. Learn about No Kill Colorado‘s efforts to work with cannabis industry philanthropy from a man that actually does both. Davyd Smith owns the Trinidad dispensary, Faragosi Farms, and he is also heavily involved with several philanthropies that save animals lives in Colorado.

But No Kill Colorado is surprisingly one of the few nonprofits that accepts donations from cannabis businesses. Listen to the episode in this blog to learn more about why.

Our product review this week has been tried and tested by a dog, under the supervision of her owner – what they seem to be saying about CBD and dogs is real.
Making headlines this week in cannabis news: European dog owners using cannabis for their pets (before Americans, not surprising), gifting volunteers with joints, and other ways the cannabis industry is giving back to the community.