The Modern Cannabis Industry: Cannabis Business Owners Are Not Drug Dealers

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November 3, 2016
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November 8, 2016
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The cannabis industry is no longer just a bunch of drug dealers selling weed from their backpacks. Cannabis business owners are no longer drug dealers – but “real” businessmen that are expanding the industry and innovating like crazy. So this week, we brought in a wise businessman, that’s actively involved in driving the industry forward, through finance, operations, strategy and technology. Richard Batenburg is the founder and owner of Cliintel Capital Group; one of the most involved portfolio companies in the industry. He has been consulting businesses for years, and now provides this consulting to cannabis businesses, driving the marijuana industry forward. You can check out his book, “Change is Great, Be First” Here.

News topics include: a controversial UK government decision, corporate interests and big money, plant homogenization, and genomics and DNA technology for cannabis.