The Distinct Effects of Cannabis Strains with the Experts from Denver Clone Store

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November 8, 2016
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I’m told that “back in the day” there was just one type of high: High. But as we explore the complex cannabis plant more and more, we find new discoveries. Discoveries that differentiate the “high” that people get. Or even if it results in a high at all.

 We now develop strains that have different effects. Not all will have you ending up on the couch with pizza in your lap, some believe it or not even improve athletic performance so much that people call them performance enhancing drugs. So this week, we decided to have a little fun and talk about the different “feels” that different strains will give us. And we aren’t just making this stuff up. We invited the strain experts, Shawn Olson and Casey Knutson from the  Denver Clone Store, to weigh in and share with us some of the bizarre things we might feel from different strains.

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