Social Media Marketing in the Cannabis Industry with Guest Josh Risley of Cannabis Maximus

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The horror stories of Facebook profiles getting shut down are prevelent. Which makes things even more difficult for the marketing departments of the cannabis industry who already face massive restriction on many means of traditional marketing and advertising. So this week we discuss the challenges, but also some tips that have helped us and other cannabis industry entrepreneurs.

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JP, Alejandra, Joshua & TBD.

This week our guest Josh Risley, the founder, owner and CEO of Cannabis Maximus shares with our listeners his own experience of a Facebook shutdown…and you’ll never guess why they shut down this profile.

In the news this week we discuss new automated home growing chambers (do they actually work?), NBA coach Steve Kerr tries marijuana for pain (it didn’t help him, so the NBA deems the use as “not being for medical purposes”), and a new real-time menu update that we can expect to see from the MJ anciallary giants Massroots and MJ Freeway.

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