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December 25, 2016
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Why we can’t claim “organic” cannabis, what it actually takes to be called “clean cannabis,” and why all the other stuff is so bad for you. We seem to care what food goes into our body, but forget about the cannabis that goes into our body. This week, we invite Special guest and cannabis business owner, Amy Andrle of L’Eagle Services to talk with us about how we can fulfill our upcoming New Year’s Resolution to consume healthier products. As the first cannabis retail shop to be certified by Certifiably Green Denver, we can assure you that she knows what she is talking about!

To celebrate this joyous, winterous season, our product review is on Stillwater teas, which can be found caffeinated to get you up and going even on the most chilly mornings.

Our news for the week covers: Israel’s plan to export weed, the massive dollar amount of sales in Colorado this year and potential reason for Colorado to be worried about its cannabis industry with our upcoming President Trump.


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From left: JP, Special guest Amy Andrle, producer Aleah, Alejandra, TBD and Ruby Redeye