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Do you like edibles? Are you interested in how the pros cook and bake using cannabis? It’s not as easy as dumping some flower in your brownie batter…which we have all tried at some point. So we bring in the expert, Julie Berliner from Sweet Grass Kitchen to give us some tips and share her story with us. She truly started from the bottom and now she’s here! By the bottom, we mean from a race car trailer! Now, she is running an amazing cannabis business, with a 10,000 square foot facility, where they bake up all kinds of #CannaButterGoodness.

cannabis businessWhat did we learn from the cannabis pro baker? For starters, cannabutter is better! Our hosts also learned from their edible baking experiences are that you should not use coffee filters… or flower. Using flower won’t even get you high. But we also learned that when it comes to DIY with baking with cannabis, you might want to consider just leaving it to the cannabis professionals, like Sweet Grass Kitchen, who has those amazing butter mints that they always have at weddings, and their brand new white chocolate butter pecan cookies! Check out their Cannabutter Goodness here.


Our product review this week goes right along with cooking, and it’s perfect if you want to toke up while cooking. Ruby Red Eye recommends the strain Super Lemon Haze while making scallops with a lemon beurre blanc sauce. It’s the perfect pairing. Instead of pairing a wine with this dish, try pairing this strain next time.


Our news this week is pretty exciting. There’s a new cannabis perfume (that is actually popular…and this is not a joke), the Hollywood sign gets replaced with Hollyweed, there will apparently be free joints handed out in Washington D.C. on inaguration day for President Donald Trump, and a Colorado couple has a “cannabis plant spirit wedding” – open edibles bar!


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From left: Jp, Julie Berliner (Sweet Grass Kitchen), TBD, CannaPod producer, Ruby Red Eye, Alejandra, Jesse (Sweet Grass Kitchen)


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