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Cannabis is Going Mainstream with Guest PJ Rinker From The Joint

January 18, 2017

Here in Colorado it’s not unusual to smell the scent of cannabis in the air, or catch a glimpse of someone casually hitting their vape pens. This is not yet the case for every state, but we can confidently say that we are all moving in that direction of normalizing cannabis.

The normalization of marijuana does vary across states, but we can certainly say that consumers and supporters of legal marijuana no longer just represent the niche market of the stoner, but all of America. We found support of legalizing cannabis varied (depending on the source), but was somewhere between 53% and 60%, and as high as 75% (as discussed in our news section). But there are still other indicators that marijuana is going mainstream. The CannaPod guest this week, PJ Rinker, from  the Joint in the Highlands of Denver, helps us understand just how far we have come with normalizing cannabis into our society.

PJ, who truly embodies the modern cannabis business owner, is a pioneer in forging this industry forward, and toward normalization. Nothing proves this better than their new INDVR incognito line. They understood that more and more people want to try cannabis, but rolling a joint, or lighting up a bowl can just sometimes be too much effort. And some people want to keep their use on the down low…it shouldn’t be a big deal, and you should be able to conceal. So as we normalize, we are also innovating and vaping (as opposed to smoking) now more than ever.

This week we also have a lot of fun sharing stories. We use TBD as a guinea pig to try various marijuana products (since he’s not much of a smoker), and very rarely is he thrilled about this. But there was this one time when TBD met Pj at an event, who eagerly shared his new line with Tony (TBD), and gave TBD such a thrill that he woke up asking everyone what that was.

Pj also happened to stumble upon a joint on the way to a bar (wish we all had that luck) and gave it to his bartender – who of course gave him free drinks for the night. This just goes to show how normal it is becoming….it’s even an awesome and socially acceptable gift for your bartender.

As marijuana continues to become socially acceptable, some of the things we will see in the future of cannabis (and already have started noticing) include: evolving products that make it easier to consume (such as the incognito line), lifestyle branding, increased support of legalization, the loss of the stigma and “stoner” stereotype, and the acceptance in conservative and religious groups.

Our studio pic wearing The Joint swag. From left: producer Aleah, Ruby Red Eye, TBD, Alejandra, PJ, and JP.

Our studio pic wearing The Joint swag. From left: producer Aleah, Ruby Red Eye, TBD, Alejandra, PJ, and JP.


Product Review: this week, we review the different vapes of this incognito line, for both men and women. We also review our favorite cartiridge for the vapes. It’s a healthy feeling, fresh, peppermint cartridge that we give a major thumbs up to.

News for the week: illegal smoking in national parks, how many jobs the industry supports, mainstreaming and new, easier than ever ways to consume marijuana and indicators of marijuana normalization.


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