MJ Medical Miracles for Epilepsy, Autism and More

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January 18, 2017
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February 1, 2017
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In this heart-wrenching and heart-warming episode, we invite both the developer and lead marketer for medical marijuana products, such as Haleigh’s Hope and Cannatol RX to talk with us about the lives that have been changed and bettered by medical cannabis. These products can break a grand mal seizure in as little as 10 seconds, yet some continue to call cannabis a Schedule I drug. And this is where marketing becomes a challenge…how do you market something, especially for children when half of our society thinks it’s a terrible thing? And how do you provide this medicine for those that need it?

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This week we invite the brains behind medical marijuana miracle products, Cannatol Rx and Haleigh’s Hope into our studio. But┬áthe work of Jason Cranford and Richard Haines didn’t just stop after the strains and products were developed. They made sure to make the medicine available across the United States for those that need it most. This is proving to be more of a challenge for those products that contain THC. They’re facing the law, the stigma, getting patents for cannabinoid and terpene combinations, and some of their patients faced the problem of not being able to afford their medicine. So they solved this problem too. Jason Cranford founded the Flowering H.O.P.E Foundation to ensure medicine is provided to even those that cannot afford it.

Maybe this “never give up” attitude comes from their personal stories for getting involved in the medical marijuana industry, which they share with us as well. Want to learn more? Check out this Haleigh’s Hope video.

Thank you Richard Haines and Jason Cranford for joining us on this great episode that had all of our jaws dropping. We are all so grateful to have people like you representing the cannabis industry, and changing the world for the better!

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Our product review takes a deeper look into Haleigh’s Hope, and tell you where you can find it. Our news this week covers: medical legalization in Germany, how much the U.S. spent on cannabis last year, and the crazy new medical marijuana restrictions in Pennslyvania.

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Can you guess how much Americans spent on marijuana last year?

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