Lady Cannapreneurs and Marijuana Moms: Women in Cannabis

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February 8, 2017
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Women in Cannabiz and Cannabis for Women with LEVO Oil CEO, Christina Bellman

February 15, 2017

“Legal marijuana may very well be the first billion dollar industry that is not dominated by men.” This might surprise you as smoking weed (and in the past, dealing it too) has traditionally been presented to by pop culture as a male pastime. Yet 36% of executive level positions in the cannabis industry are held by women. That number drops to 22% in other industries. So this week we showcase the female-founded company, LEVO Oil, which makes bringing in cannabis infused cooking into the home easier than ever.




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Check out their products – just click on the photo.


The company’s founder, Christina Bellman talks with us about her experience going from the male-dominated finance industy to founding this company in a brand new, budding industry, where women are everywhere; from testing labs to retail and even the executive suite.


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From left: JP, Ruby Red Eye, TBD, Alejandra, Christina Bellman (CEO of LEVO Oil), and producer Aleah.


Some of the questions we tackle this week are: what attracts women to the marijuana industry? How do men perceive women in this industry (as opposed to other workforce environments)? What are the cannabis product demand differences between men and women? Does marijuana effect women differently – after all, we do have different hormones (the answer is…yes).


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Boveda for cannabis storage and curing. This brilliant company has created products to increase the shelf life, maintain potency levels and retain terpenes. They come in a few sizes and have multiple humidity levels to keep your medicine in tip top shape.



U.S. – Canada cannabis business partnerships, the potential for the first U.S. approved cannabis-derived therapy; for brain cancer, the Colorado Department of Agriculture is teaching other states about growing marijuana, and is rumored to be working on the world’s first government-produced manual on growing marijuana.

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