Cannabiz Economies of Scale: Product Expansion, Branding Bigger and Going Across State Lines

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Ep. 26: Surviving in the Cannabis Industry Means Product Expansion, with the CEO of Edipure

March 30, 2017
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Think this conversation is too early to have? “The industry is brand new…practically in its honeymoon phase?” you might say. But while this development phase lasts a decade in your traditional industry cycle, this is all happening right now for us in the Green Rush. Cannabis professionals…be prepared to keep up!

Economies of scale. This wasn’t a term you’d hear in the cannabis industry. That is until consolidation became a reality. Cannabis business owners are left with 3 options: face their fate, sell to the suits or product and brand expansion. This week we invite the CEO of Edipure,  Edward Wassom to discuss why small businesses in the marijuana industry need to expand, how they can expand their product lines, and expand nationally and the Edipure’s own story of going from gummies to edibles galore, and even into other delivery systems.

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But not everyone is winning big in this industry. One of those in the industry that wasn’t exactly winning this week? Your own CannaPod host, TBD. Tony was out sick this week, but we still managed to find a way to give him a hard time…sorry TBD! And to make him feel even worse…we took this awesome studio snapchat…complete with the FOMO geofilter! In case you’re not keeping up with the insta lingo…that stands for Fear of Missing Out. Sorry you missed out this week TBD!

This week’s product is Stash Logix: “thoughtful, discreet and secure stash bags,” accessories and storage solutions making it easier than ever to carry your stash with you in your on-the-go lifestyle. The combination lock on some of the Stash Logix products are perfect for those of you with kids and pets – reminder that CBD for dogs is :) but THC is not! Some of their products even feature a charging port to keep you charged up wherever you take it! Also a big shout-out to these guys for being awesome and donating products to the #subtleescape launch party earlier this month!

Our news this week covers: 1) plants, other than marijuana, that contain cannabinoids  2) Ganjaland! The cannabis paradise island crowdfunding project that ended up being a total dud  3) The University of Denver (a private university, we might add) adds another cannabis industry course to its spring schedule! Reminder that this is the same school that Alejandra was a judge for a cannabis industry case study competition. If you missed it, check out the end of this CannaPod episode.

Events: 1) Is Canada ahead of the game when it comes to product expansion? Based on this Canadian Cannabis Business Conference that is already looking to the future of cannabis, we might want to step up our game America!

2) The launch PARTY OF THE YEAR just happened this month. We are seriously sorry if you missed the Escape launch party…but if pictures are worth a thosand words, then we suggest you look at the party album :)

Were you at the event? Be sure to find and tag yourself in your photo on facebook! I want to find my photo please!