Bigger Business: Expanding You Cannabis Business Across State Lines

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April 5, 2017
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April 18, 2017
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Challenges that Cannabis Business Owners Face When (Trying) to Expand Nationally

April 12, 2017

You can’t ship across state lines, it is nearly impossible to get federally-issued patent, and coordinating with other industry operators to develop licensing agreements is tough. Which is why there are only a handful of companies in the cannabis industry that have products in multiple states. So we were thrilled to invite the CEO, Lynn Honderd, of one of these companies: Mary’s Medicinals. If you missed our episode with a cannabis intellectual property attorney, we recommend you listen to it first for some more background information.


Lynn shares with our listeners and all you cannabis business enthusiasts some great insider knowledge about the challenges one must face as a cannabis business owner or operator. She describes 3 challenges in particular: 1. licensing agreements 2. Packaging (especially in Colorado) and 3. 280-E Tax implications and consequences that are significantly distinct to the marijuana industry. But of course, with challenges, there are also benefits. One of which is the sense of community and personal fulfillment of being involved in an industry that is helping change the lives of many – and all over the world, too, as we found out from last week’s episode.

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This week’s CannaPod review might surprise you. Ruby Red Eye tells us all about Goldleaf’s newly released “Jotter” journals. There are two types: one for the grower and one for the patient. These luxury-looking planners get nothing but 5-star reviews where users can track their processes and effects using charts and graphs specifically made for each audience.

Our news for the week covers: The first country to sell marijuana in pharmacies (Uruguay!), a filed patent for a cannabis-based eating disorder treatment and a task force within a subcommittee was called by Sessions to review cannabis laws. He says that he thinks we will all find that there is a lot more violence around the use of marijuana than we thing…but at CannaPod, we think he is the one in for a pretty big surprise. If you want to see the articles we used for the news this week, you can check them out in our program.