420 Special Episode + World of Cannabis Week in Denver, Colorado

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April 12, 2017
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May 17, 2017
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420 Special: Myths and Legends, World Cannabis Week and 420 Survival Guide Featuring My 420 Tours

April 18, 2017

What’s the story behind who started 420? What is the SxSW of cannabis event and what can we expect from the World of Cannabis Week 2017? How did the concept of having marijuana-themed events, tours and vacations come about? What does the future of cannabis tourism look like? This week the President of My 420 Tours, JJ Walker helps answer some of these questions we’re all dying to know the answers to.

the cannabis podcast talks about cannabis tourism and marijuana events

Event Demographics:

Some additional things we talk about in this cannabis podcast is of course and always about being in the cannabis business and cannabis industry. As we see social acceptance of marijuana growing across the nation, we are also seeing a changing demographic of attendees and those getting involved in cannabis events. You are now seeing more and more corporate sponsors at these events, one of which is Redbull. JJ tells us, as evident from the quote above, that on the businesses side of things you can find more and more suits at cannabis events. This is not surprising, as we talked several weeks ago about all the “suits” getting interested in cannabis investing. But there is definitely still some corporate hesitance…which again, JJ brings up a really good point, “Why would Netflix NOT sponsor marijuana?”

Colorado and the Heart of Cannabis:

We also touch on how this expanding demographic may change the cannabis tourism scene in Colorado. We wonder if the heart of this industry will move West to California. But it seems like there is nothing for us to worry about. Colorado is the original recreational marijuana state and it’s marijuana industry is unlike any other in country.

The Myths and Rumors of 420:

We cover 6 or 7 different “myths” about 420. The most common? That 420 is a code for police officers for smoking weed. But surprisingly it’s not true…. If you want to see all nine 420 Myths and Rumors, check them out in this episode’s program.

The “Real” 420 Story:

It all started with a group of high school kids called the “Waldos.” But how did these yahoos take it from their internal group lingo and turn it into a globally-recognized holiday and marijuana association? We’ll give you 2 hints: a famous band is involved and it was published over and over again in a major marijuana magazine. But you’ll have to listen to the episode to learn the whole story…

Ruby Red Eye gives us a list of everything you’ll need for your 420 Survival Kit. Our bag of choice is the fanny pack, but she provides alternatives too. Check out what makes the top of the 420 packing list:

420 rally and world of cannabis events

Want to know where you can find the #10 on this list? Click this image.

Our news covers the following:

  1. Colorado backing off of planning the Amsterdam-style cannabis clubs
  2. A fake news “article” was posted that led thousands to believe Texas legalized marijuana (despite it being pretty obvious that it is a sketchy site)
  3. a former MLB player came out saying that baseball may not be the “straightest” of the four major American sports

Want to see these articles? Check the last page of our program.

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