Becoming a Billion Dollar Brand in the Cannabis Industry

420 Special Episode + World of Cannabis Week in Denver, Colorado
April 18, 2017
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We are reaching the epicenter of the end of cannabis prohibition and with it, we are seeing marijuana businesses grow into billion dollar companies. And it is very likely that someone representing or running one of those brands is sitting at our studio table today. 

That just may be our guest, CEO of Dixie Elixirs, Tripp Keber. We base this comment on some of the insightful information he has provided this cannabis podcast with, his strategic build of the Dixie Brands, and his pure passion for being a part of this industry. As is represented by his quote that we all strongly believe in:

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This week Ruby Red Eye reviews the CBD wellness brand Aceso. They believe that nature holds the key to wellness, and provide terpene-enhanced CBD products that can you can use in a couple of different ways. Choose the spray or choose the beverage packet. Our verdict? 5 stars.

In the news this week, Alejandra covers: a recent study on rats that concludes THC dramatically improves memory capacity in older brains, a womens’ cannabis sisterhood that has produced some pretty high profits, and news about a potential cannabis vending machine.

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